Why Do Customers Buy From You?

Why Do Customers Buy From You?

Understand why your customers buy from you and you'll understand why they also buy from your opposition.

Your customers buy from you because...?

Consumer intelligence is at an all-time high. Instant price checking, fact checking and review checking all from a smart phone, while standing in front of a salesperson.


The tables have been turned. And it's time for business people to realise this, and get it together. No more guessing why your customer hands over their hard earned. Ask yourself - "why does my customer buy from me?"


It seems every second client I talk to can't give me a clear, precise answer to this seemingly simple question. And they are the ones that lose. They are the ones with misfiring marketing. They are the ones who keep missing their target when their campaigns launch.


When you start thinking about why your customer buys from you, you will start to think about a whole host of reasons. Eventually, you will realise a few key elements, things that make you unique. Things that your customer connects with.


This should tell you enough to be able to describe your customers worries, hassles, strengths and weaknesses.


NOW armed with that information, consider the next 3 fundamentals:


Your customer may or may not realize that they need what you have. So in order to tell your story, you must first get their attention. Attention, it appears, is the new currency.


If you understand why your customer buys from you, you will understand how to talk to them in a way that reaches them, and how to shape your offering (and marketing campaigns) to connect with them.


Trust comes in many forms, and most likely your customer wants to trust you. Social proof, reviews, and customer feedback all contribute to match what you say about yourself.


If you understand why your customer buys from you, you will be able to double down on those exact reasons, further cementing in your customers mind why they like you. NOTHING breeds trust like actually delivering time and time again.


Obtaining trust for your offering is much easier if your customer already trusts you. This also means that your need to discount will be far less. Your customer will already feel an appreciation for the value that you bring to the transaction.


This breeds loyalty, creating lifelong , repeat customers. This means you can spend less energy selling and more energy bringing greater value to the marketplace.

Do your customers buy from you because you discount?

If you find yourself in the horrible race to the bottom against your competitors then stop immediately and ask yourself if you know why your customer buys from you.


Discounting wars have started - and ended many businesses. It makes sense to actively find customers who value your offering.

The better you understand your customer, the more customers you'll see

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Marketing when done right will provide a constant flow of sales enquiries and leads. If you want that for your business, then it's time to level up.

Your sales are your livelihood - don't rest until you secure a constant stream of leads, a full diary, or a line of customers out the door.

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