TRAFFIC CHASING: Why More Traffic Won’t Fix Your Business

TRAFFIC CHASING: Why More Traffic Won't Fix Your Business

It's the most common mistake - to try 'get more traffic’. But that's near-sighted... The question you need to ask yourself is "What happens to your customer after they buy?" Hint: The biggest e-commerce stores in the world are masters at this, but you don't even think it's worth your time. Don't believe it. If you sell online you are probably leaving a fortune on the table. Not even joking.

One of the most common mistakes clients make is ‘traffic-chasing’.

The truth is, it is way easier to get traffic than people think. In fact, once you get a handle on it, you’ll also need to be able to control the flow so you can meet sales demands.


While it doesn’t happen that often, it’s exhilarating, the feeling of having to turn the adds off because the traffic is coming in too fast.


During December we had a spike in a client Facebook ad - someone had seen the offer and posted in on a ‘deal-of-the-day’ type site, and drained inventory in about 75 mins. Total ad spend $26.00 with a gain of 608 new customers. Excellent.


But truthfully, getting good traffic is just the beginning… and if you haven’t figured out how to get traffic flow yet it means there are underlying issues you need to address.


3 Areas to nail down before you build traffic:



If you spend all your time “working” and not spending time planning what to work on - then you’re headed for tumbleweeds.


Your site gobbles up your time. And while I’m sure it’s scary figuring out what product lines to kill, and what campaigns to stop (especially when every single sale right now is helping you pay the bills) - you think staying up all night researching traffic tips is helping BUT…


...Here’s the deal, unless you can get your time to work for you, you will always be working for it. And without a plan, you’re a goner.






If you don’t build a customer experience based around your business 'profit drivers' then you’ll never build any real value.


You’ll find yourself continuously trying to justify the running costs to your partner (or yourself) because let’s be honest, you didn’t start this store because you wanted to ‘tread water’.


Without a system that drives key business metrics you will be stuck. Until you quit.




No, I’m not talking about setting up the auto-responder (but yes, do that…).


ALL automation should be about leveraging your time and energy to generate continuously improving results. Some things should be done manually for a set time, because you can learn so much (learning = profit) and when the time comes, automate!


Here’s the thing, there are a MILLION different ways to do all these things, but the key is in know what to do first, and then second etc etc.


Person dumping money into a toilet bowl --- Image by © Rubberball/Corbis
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