4 Ways We Can Help You

Grow Web Store Traffic

Our flagship program "Traffic Tap" is designed to get a ton of your ideal customers to visit your site, buy, and buy again (without you going broke on ads). 

Learn how to get traffic to your site. Learn how to get them to buy. Click here and book a time to talk about your web store, and about what can be done to get it really cranking.

Perfect for: when you sell online and you want to turn your webstore into a real business

Full Service

Our done-for-you solution.

We work with you to develop a strategy and then we roll that strategy out for you, taking care of all the day-to-day.

With packages starting at $2k p/m you can have set-fee confidence with monthly reporting.

Perfect for: when you want your marketing taken care of by professionals leaving you to run your business

Consulting Packages

Our done-with-you solution.

Brand alignment. Sales funnels. Customer attraction. Sales Systems. 

Perfect for: People who know they have something valuable and want to create a real business for themselves.



This is the same onboarding process we use with our full-service clients (revenue $1m - $10m+) but packaged specifically for small & medium business owners, so they can quickly take charge of their marketing.


Perfect for: when you're on a budget, are keen to learn and want to know the fastest way to hit your target audience and revenue goals.

Marketing Tools Available To You

The list of digital products and tools available to market your business is continually growing. You need access to the best tools on the market, and you need the technical skill required to achieve a return on investment. Here are some things we can help you with... 

Strategic Planning

This isn’t a backpacking adventure. This is your livelihood - and your money. Know what’s available. Know what suits your business and your customer. Know what you want.


List Building

All these years since the invention of email, this is still one of the most underrated and underutilized weapons in the game. Create, capture attention and build an email address list asset.

Email Marketing

Understanding how to use email correctly to connect with your customer can transform your business. How much you ask? $44-back-for-every-$1-spent* That is nuts!
*Direct Marketing Association 2013 Statistical Fact Book

Landing Pages

A good idea is great - but a good idea constantly measured and tested is a whole new level. Imagine giving your two best sales pitches - and let the raw data tell you which one is better? Landing Pages provide this ability.

Website design & build

Not everyone needs a website - we started with only an Instagram account! But - we have one now and for very good reasons. Whether simple sites (like this one) or complex sites (like e-commerce) we have you covered.


Slightly more advanced and available to those brave enough to come at marketing with a synergistic approach. Simply put: follow your customers around the internet for as long as it takes - until they buy.

Pay Per Click Ads

Facebook ads, Google and Bing ads - these are useful tools and understanding when and how to use them is key to keeping your profit in your bank. Neither of these companies need more money. We'll run your accounts lean and mean.


People are making fortunes through this platform. A great strategy for those with tired bank accounts 🙂 We can run it for you or set it all up properly and teach you how to do it yourself.


Marketing is all about attention, and there is currently nothing that rivals the attention-holding power of this social media monster. Suitable for many businesses we can train you how to use it to turn content into customers.

How Can We Do So Much?

Your Mini Empire has a close network of talented people. Basically, people we know and trust who do what they do well, so we can scale quickly according to project demands.


The right people + your budget = achieve the best results possible.


Make a time to tell us about your business and marketing challenges. Great marketing and strong sales are closer than you think.

Even more things we can help with...

  • Email auto-responder series planning, copy and set up
  • Creating content to entice email subscribers (download our current one as a sample for yourself here)
  • Guidance with blog content (be strategic!)
  • Setting up affiliate programs and understanding how to maximize your results (nuts and bolts and strategy)
  • Guest-post planning, strategy, pitch, and execution (the art of capturing positive word-of-mouth)
  • Consulting p/h (ask every dumb question you possibly can, and overcome the learning curve at break-neck speed)