How To Get Customers When Your Website Sucks And Without A Blog

How to get customers when your website sucks and you don’t have a blog

Getting customers without properly set up digital assets can be quite a challenge. But what do you do if you don't have a website? Don't have a blog? Don't have anything at all?


During a recent discussion with a business coach friend, we mulled over this scenario. This situation has come up for anyone in marketing working with a new client who wants to 'dip their toe in the water' without embarking on a full-on strategy.


This strategy has worked for me in the past, it works for clients right now, and will work for a while longer. The reason is simple: if you give people value, and if they are interested in the topic you are talking about, they will naturally want to know more.

At a bare minimum, you're going to need something interesting to say, or show

Getting customers without a website or a blog doesn't mean you should think of strict advertising.


Be smart and think of interesting photos, interesting facts about your product, interesting results from your service, interesting customer testimonials - interesting behind the scenes.


There is probably so much going on in and around your business but perhaps you can't see it. Speak to a friend about what you could do - but first read this post all the way through so that you know the purpose, and so that you can get your creative mind working.



Your staff could be a valuable piece of this puzzle. They can help you figure out content, interesting content. Be sure to not hold them accountable for results however as the purpose here is to experiment with different ideas, find the winners, and then put some money behind it.

Alright - now here is the STRATEGY!


The overview

  • Create a mini-blog style Facebook post that captures people's attention, provides interesting information and provides a CTA (call to action).
  • Turn the post into a short-run ad
  • Repeat this process for 5 more posts, these are your ‘test’ or ‘experiment’ ad posts
  • One ad post will outperform the others - this is now a proven ad you can run whenever you need more leads


So let's do this!


Create your post

  • You will need a photo/s or video of a recent job, project, results, product or service. Choose images that are positive and bright (dark images or images with people who aren’t smiling don’t usually perform very well)
  • You'll also need to write some smart, compelling copy that will cause someone who is interested in your offering to take an action (like pick up the phone, or send an email, or send a facebook message)

Tips on writing your post

  • The location/suburb will catch the eye of people in your target audience, so include this
  • Be sure to talk about the products used in the picture
  • Include other information that may not be obvious in the picture
  • Use emotive and interesting words that describe the benefits of your offering
  • Keep sentences short and direct to point
  • Include a CTA so the reader knows what to do next eg. “Call to find out more” or “Contact us now for a free quote” or “Share this with a friend who needs this”
  • The post can be anywhere from 50-250 words, but the point is that it is stuffed with interesting bits of information, not waffle


Turn your post into an ad

  • Once your post is live it's time to turn it into an ad. DO NOT simply click that button that says ‘Boost Post’ as this will just waste your money
  • Use the  Facebook Ads Manager to create your ad targeting exactly your ideal customer
  • If you get stuck click here for step-by-step instructions
  • Set a Lifetime Budget of $20 (or $5 for 4 days)
  • After 24-48 hrs you will start to get results and you will see if your ad is working or not
  • If the ad is creating enquiries, let it run the full budget
  • Conversely, if the ad is not performing at all, turn it off and save your money


Rinse and repeat

  • Now you need to run this experiment with different mini-post style ads to generate enough traffic data
  • Create more posts using different ideas and different images
  • Consider varying your writing tone to match the image (if the image is fun then try writing in a fun tone)
  • Experiment with different CTAs
  • Repeat this whole process so far 4-5 times over the course of a month
  • Shouldn't cost any more than $100
  • Have your staff come up with lots of different mini-posts and post them on Facebook like a normal, free post... See which ones get the best organic reaction with your followers... This is an indication of what might be worth including in your experiment


Now the fun part

  • When you have finished running your experiment view your results and be sure to set the date to include the entire date range that the ads ran. View reporting instructions
  • Give this proven ad a real budget of $10-20 per day, and run the ad for 10-30 days


Final notes

  • This whole process can be repeated each month
  • After 3-6 months of running this cycle you will have a handful of well tested, proven ads that generate leads, and your costs to run them will keep improving


This hack is really only the start of what is possible with a smart digital marketing strategy. There are plenty of more advanced tactics that can create a constant flow of customers and leads for your business.

Until next time,





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