Facebook, Google, Instagram – How To Match Your Business With The Right Paid Advertising

Facebook, Google, Instagram - How To Match Your Business With The Right Advertising

Knowing how to choose the right paid advertising for your business can be a real challenge. Branding messages from all directions giving mixed signals, it can be confusing. There are plenty of options, but a good marketing plan should at least consider the main players - Google, Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re a small business owner then you know you need to be marketing. But the cost of paid advertising, and the fear of it not paying off may be holding you back. Take heart - there is a world of paid advertising that can change your business. More customers. More sales.

Why paid advertising? My free socials are doing just fine…

No, they aren’t. Because if your ‘free’ social media efforts were doing that well you wouldn’t have time to read this.


Yes, some businesses with savvy owners have managed to break through and capture an engaged audience, this is true. But the majority of business social media presences are lackluster, uninspired, boring, or salesy. And it’s totally understandable - after all, all this ‘free’ stuff takes up so much time.


But even those with a good social experience going on need to listen in here.

You don’t even realise that you’re leaving money on the table

And here’s why -


There are different kinds of customers - you know this. And just like there are different kinds of customers - those same customers are at different stages of the buy cycle.


Your current social media efforts rely on your customer hopefully ‘arriving’ at a place when they are ready to buy. And that’s great.


But paid advertising can add a second layer of opportunity to the mix.

Imagine you’re in a stadium full of people, walking towards your seats to meet your friends. Somehow through the sea of people you see your friends - also walking towards your seats but from another direction. You put your arm up to wave. But nothing. No recognition, nothing. So you wave again, but this time with more vigour knowing full well that even if your friends were looking directly in your direction, they are still not going to see you. There is just too much noise, too many faces, too much going on. So, you make it to your seat, and wait.


This is like your regular social media channels.


However, paid ads in the above example would be like trying to get your friends attention by dragging in a scissor lift, and raising up 20 feet in the air. Not only would your friends notice you - but those around would also see something going on and look in your general direction also.


It’s the same you - the same message - but amplified. And because of this, you have the ability to open up different markets, and get in front of different people.

Why you should use paid advertising
  • Get in front of different people than you normally talk to
  • Cross sell products/services
  • Market penetration with short, once off messages/specials
  • Tactically increase your audience and awareness to your brand (more on this another time)
  • Connect with people at different stages of the buy cycle

The benefits of paid advertising are huge.


And now, with everything being measurable, it’s no longer a guessing game about effectiveness.

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Horses for courses

If you’re new to this - start with one form of paid advertising. Only one.


However, if you understand the differences between the offerings, and how that affects your strategy, then go ahead and experiment developing simple campaigns for each one, as you learn what they do.


A few nights of making notes and coming up with ads + $70 to run the experiment is nothing when you consider the benefit once these ads start to pay off.


Facebook, Paid Advertising

The benefits of Facebook Ads
  • You get to use images
  • Easy to test with small budgets
  • Leverage existing content easily
  • Most people use Facebook
  • Highly targeted demographics
Business types that fare well with Facebook Ads
  • Businesses with visually interesting products
  • Physical items
  • Businesses who are running competitions
  • Companies with a trial offer, or free sample
Google, Paid Advertising
The benefits of Google Adwords
  • Customers are in search and click mindset when they see your ad
  • The power of targeting keywords is truly amazing
  • Text only ads mean no photos necessary
  • Unmatched market reach
Business types that fare well with Google Adwords
  • Service/repair companies
  • Every now and then items ie florists, fast food etc
  • Information products
  • Any business with a sale or special offer/deal
  • Companies who have interesting information when customers are researching
 instagram-old-new, Paid Advertising
The benefits of Instagram Ads
  • Younger demographic as an average
  • Autoplay video can explain a new product or concept quickly
  • Simple to set up
  • Very specific campaign outcomes
Business types that fare well with Instagram Ads
  • Businesses launching a new product/service
  • Low price point purchases ie clothes, gear, food etc
  • If your product looks good, Instagram is a must
Your business should fit into one of the above

The world of paid advertising is a golden opportunity for anyone who dares to dip their toe (and wallet) in.


But you can start with small budgets.


Increase only when you start getting results.


Combine with good SEO.


Combine with a sensible email campaign.


Combine with genuine social media interaction.


Now go test, and make money.


Cheers, Pat.


PS: Want to know my number one favorite reason for ALL forms of paid advertising?


One word.


Retargeting 😃

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