Content: More Won’t Fix Your Business AND What To Do Instead

More Content Won't Fix Your Business AND What To Do Instead


Are you making content to promote your business? Then you need to read this...


If you’re capable of fogging a mirror, you know making content is critical in this business environment. Right?


Those who’ve begun the process know just how quickly the steam runs out because of lack of results. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Chances are you’ve ‘been doing it wrong’.


Let me explain…


There are a few key questions to ask FIRST. The answers direct you your content plan.


They’re easy to answer, let’s go...


1) Do you know EXACTLY who your customer is, and do they want what you’re selling (validation)?

If you do, great, proceed to next step.


Otherwise, there are things you must do first before spending another precious minute, dollar or unit of brain power creating content.


If you don’t have this figured out, then you’re ‘panning for gold’ - you might get lucky, but the odds are massively stacked against you.

Get proof of your customer AND concept (ie you’ve sold some), then move forward.



2) Do you sell your ‘thing’ to MANY or a FEW?

You see most marketing advice is based on a huge amount of assumptions about you, your business and how you should get the message out.


In fact, conflicting approaches appear in most articles. Why? Because authors shift their avatar while prescribing advice without even realising it.


So you end up creating a bunch of content and wasting a whole lot of time/money that would have been much better spent hanging with your friends and family and throwing parties and hosting feasts. True.


But once you’re armed with the knowledge that your thing can sell, that you know who your customers are, and whether or not your audience is broad or narrow - you can set to work and FINALLY start to create content. And from here, the path becomes a lot more obvious.


Finally, there’s one more element that gives you trend-defying abilities...


Ready to level up?

Average businesses think of marketing as an afterthought. But when you know what you are doing you realise marketing should be leading the wayStart here with a conversation about your business and your unique challenges. No more scanning the internet for answers. Get your business moving today.