Checklist For Selecting A Marketing Agency

Checklist For Selecting A Marketing Agency

Checklists are useful for just about everything - and your marketing agency has the power to funnel customers to you. Submit them to the checklist and win.


Check to make sure they understand ROI (Return On Investment) as this will quickly weed out time wasters and scammers. Back when I ran my own retail store this was always my first question when advertisers came around, pushing their products. I don't expect everyone to now what ROI means - BUT if you are in the marketing game, and you don't know what it means, then you should find a different industry.

Must act fast

Is someone putting the hard sell on you? Often someone will contact you saying they have an opportunity to buy ads, but you must act fast. This is a sign that you are not dealing with a marketing agency, but rather an advertising company. IF you are wearing the Marketing Managers hat then this can be ok, because it's your job to figure out if it's going to be valuable or not. But don't for a second think that the advertising salesperson has your best interest at heart. All they want to do is sell that advertising. They don not care if it works for you or not.


Has the marketing agency been able to deliver results for others in your industry? If not, ask what their plan is to work around this. Sometimes this may even be an advantage - fresh eyes.


Check the agency’s own marketing. Go to their website, look at their ads, even check their email presentation. Does it suit the feel of the agency? Does it look appealing to you, and make you want to know more? Do you think they will get what you are all about and make you look "better" or "more aligned" with how you see yourself in your mind?

Their own Kool-Aid

Ask how they get most of their business. Are the top three reasons satisfactory to you? For example - if they specialize in Facebook Ads, do they get many clients themselves from Facebook ads? If not, insist on a logical answer.

Amature hour

Check to see if they are promising results - this is an indication that they may not understand the mediums they are working with. Promising results may be as foolish as a wedding planner promising a bride that it will not rain on the wedding day.

Red signal

Ask if they have any long term clients. An agency who delivers results will probably have long term clients. Note a big warning signal if they have more sales people than content creators.

Past and present clients

Ask for references before you ask for a proposal - put a little time aside to check out their previous clients marketing presence and consider if the style and approach will suit your business. And if you like what you see - call them and have a chat. You will learn pretty quickly if they are going to be a good fit for you or not.

The more you investigate the ability of your marketing agency, the more you'll chance you have of finding a good one, and them working wonders for your business.

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Marketing when done right will provide a constant flow of sales enquiries and leads. If you want that for your business, then it's time to level up.


Your sales are your livelihood - don't rest until you secure a constant stream of leads, a full diary, or a line of customers out the door.


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