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Marketing may be as boring as bat shit to you, but making bank isn't - it's awesome. And only business owners know the feeling - it's exhilarating.


If you're a business owner then you've experienced it. For whatever reason, you have a bumper month or two, and you're on top of the world. You count the money, pay the bills and start planning for the future. The ability to expand with more staff, or stock, or upgrade gear - or simply pay down debt - anything is possible when the register is ringing.


But... Also, only business owners know the terrible, sinking feeling of lackluster sales that an empty shop or an empty diary can bring. Knowing you'll be putting on a brave face and treading water for a few months and juggling uncomfortable phone calls. Ouch.


Getting a clear message out into the world is vital for your customers to be able to find you.


Strategic digital marketing is without doubt one of the most powerful ways to do this.


  • With strong marketing systems in place you can stop relying on friends (and friends of friends) as customers
  • Once you find campaigns that work you can stop hoping and wondering each month if you'll make your targets
  • When you realise the power of smart marketing you'll hone your message, giving your business a chance to fly

Crappy marketing is yelling your message. It's convincing and begging people to buy your thing. It's inefficient and it's expensive.


Good marketing has customers already wanting to buy from you before they even meet you. This is smooth like silk. This turns word of mouth into a wildfire - the marketing holy grail - and is difficult to stop.



The main thing people realise once they start to get real results - is that they are wasting money doing things that clearly aren't bringing any results. And that's the name of the game - results. 


We shortcut this process with every person we meet with, even if they never become clients. 😉

About The Owner


Founded 2016 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Your Mini Empire is a marketing shop with one goal: help people make more money. 


Hi, my name is Pat Sgro and I started this business accidently.


I'd wrapped up the family business and followed a girl to the other side of the world.


Friends with businesses kept calling and asking for help with marketing advice - and with laptop in hand, working from coffee shops in Brooklyn NYC (craft beer bars have wifi too yeah?) Your Mini Empire was born.

Profile Pic
Profile Pic


See, the final few years of running my dad's business brought me to a place of anger and tears - at just how much of our family's money was wasted over the past decade paying people to market and advertise for us. Money that our business needed. 


I became furious of all the empty promises by marketing sales people. So we went rogue.


We figured out how to get AWESOME results while spending a fraction of the resources. With strong focus in the right area - the change in our business was night and day.


Fast-forward to today and that's what I'm passionate about now - helping owners of small and medium-sized businesses kill it with sales, make boatloads of cash and keep it for themselves and their families. Not hand it over to slick salespeople spruiking outdated business directories (...Yellow who?), bloated junk websites, useless printed ad space, and redundant Facebook and Google PPC ad campaigns.


Business owners who reach out & tell me about their business get rewarded with the growth of their own business.


Marketing is not just another begrudged expense, no - it's the sales driver!


Stop wasting your hard earned money and start investing in the growth of your business.


If Your Mini Empire can't get you results then I'll give you your money back. Simple.


Connect with me on Facebook here or LinkedIn here to ask me questions or simply follow along for content to upgrade your inner marketing spirit animal. 

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